Joan Marie Tubungbanua


That's how you pronounce my last name.

Filipina immigrant whose goal is to explore the cross sections between Technology, Spaceflight, and the Performing Arts while inspiring those who share similar identities as me that they have a place in STEM.

I am currently getting my masters part-time in Computer Engineering at USC and am working as an Avionics Testbed Systems Engineer for the Psyche and Europa Clipper Mission at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA!


Made with Code

I discovered that Computer Science was a career in my sophomore year of high school. The following summer, I was accepted to the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at the American International Headquarters(AIG) in New York City. Here, I spent seven weeks learning the foundation of game development with Python, robotics with Arduino, and web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to attending hackathons,teaching myself through personal projects, founding the Girls Who Code Club at my high school, and even pursuing Software Engineering as a major in college. Now I want to devote my life in creating impactful things using code.

Languages/Software I am familiar with: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, C++, GIT, SASS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB


Untitled was a project I had developed at the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. It was a books meets Pokemon Go concept.
We wanted to find a way for people to read and go to their local libraries more often. So when a user enters the website, they see a shelve filled with books without the title of the book. All they receive are tags that provide snippets of things found in the story and when they click on it, they receive an excerpt and on the side they see a map with an input bar. The user needs to enter in their current location and they are provided with a list of local libraries that has the speficic book. It is their job to go find it and read it, once they've accomplished that, they receive points for reading it. A Book Adventure!


Recíclame is a mobile app for Android phones entirely in Spanish that teaches kids the fundamentals of recycling. The app includes a point system for recording what has been recycled as well as a mini game where kids have to drag the recycling bin and catch the correct recyclables


Graphic Design

I am a sucker for good design. I have experience working as a freelance graphic designer for a local dance studio in Hoboken where I was responsible for designing posters, social media posts, and merchandise. My goal is to improve my design skills as a side hobby over the years and expand my freelance design service to other local businesses.

Tools I use: Photopshop, Canva,and Adobe Illustrator



Performing Arts

I grew up with Filipino aunts who forced me to sing on the karaoke and dance at every Filipino party I went to. Developing a passion for performing was simply inevitable. However, not having been able to afford singing or dancing lessons, I made the most out of the resources that I had in my school. In elementary school, I joined my school's choir. In middle school, I joined the rockband. In high school, I was a musical theatre major. In college, I performed in my university's a cappella group, Stevens Quackapella, and was part of a salsa team in NYC. Now, I am preparing to compete a solo and a duo cha cha routine at the Las Vegas Latin Congress in June 2024. Having a background as a performer shaped my extremely outspoken and creative personality and I could not be more thankful for it.

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